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COTN Virtual Conference Book of Abstracts

In April 2021,  global COVID travel restrictions still being in place, the 'Children of the Night' International Dracula Conference, of which I was a co-organizer, was held as a virtual event. More than a hundred participants signed up to speak or to attend, and we had a very lively, intense three-day congress with dozens of high-quality presentations, short movies, a costume contest, and informal online parties. The best presentations and appearances were rewarded with Golden and Silver Bat Awards. My 72 minute video documentary on Philippine vampires won the Golden Bat Award in the category "Best Educational Video Documentary." After the event, we decided to bundle all abstracts in an illustrated E-book, that also features an introduction, a history of the congress series, a profile pictures of all speakers, selected slides from their presentations, and a report on the costume contest. With 154 pages, 39 abstracts,  and over 200 illustrations. The E-book can be downloaded for free from the website of the publisher, Cluj University Press (51Mb). For a compressed version (100 dpi, 9.6 Mb, faster download), see below.

COTN 2021 Conference Book of Abstracts (compressed version for faster download)
This E-book was released by Cluj University Press on June 10, 2021.
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Bulletin of Transilvania University of Brașov '21

Our virtual conference of April 2021 was not only followed up with a Book of Abstracts, but also by a special issue of the Bulletin of Transilvania University of Brasov, Series IV, Philology and Cultural Studies, exclusively dedicated to Dracula and vampires:
Edited by Magdalena GRABIAS, Hans C. DE ROOS, Cristian PRALEA, Florin NECHITA.
Many scholars who participated in our series of conferences - starting with the FOURTH WORLD DRACULA CONGRESS in Dublin, October 2016 - contributed to this volume. With 250 pages and many high-quality illustrations in color, it is a milestone in our efforts to build a platform for international, interdisciplinary Dracula studies, together with Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania, and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland. A big hand for Magda Grabias and Cristean Pralea, who played a key role in getting this project completed! The issue was officially released on January 26, 2022.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series IV - Philology and Cultural Studies, Vol. 14(63), 2021.
The complete issue including the latest revisions of January 27 and February 3, 2022. Slightly compressed in order to enable a download directly from our Dracongress website.
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Pre-print: Mörkrets Makter's Mini Mysteries

This is my article written for the abovementioned Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov, Series IV 14(63) no. 1 (2021). To secure my intellectual property rights in this paper, a pre-print release was uploaded to on September 18, 2021, before the Bulletin was officially published. Link: here. As of December 31, 2021, the article can also be downloaded here, for review and discussion.

First release of September 18, 2021, via

Abstract: The discussion about Bram Stoker's possible contribution to Mörkrets makter, the Swedish version of Dracula, and about the identity of the anonymous Swedish editor/translator, has reached no definitive conclusions yet. This paper addresses a series of minor mysteries linked to the Swedish variants: the possible connections between the Budapest, the Chicago and the Stockholm serialisations; the use of certain names (Draculitz, Mary Wood, Valentini's, Zolyva, Koromeszo); references to the Whitechapel Murders and the Thames Torso Mysteries, among others. Although these observations provide no definitive proof regarding the authorship of Mörkrets makter, taken together, they seem to show subtle support for the idea that these Dracula modifications were created entirely in Sweden.

Mörkrets Makter Mini Mysteries (manuscript version)
Essay, 38 pages B5, illustrated, ca. 3 MB.
First released on September 18, 2021 via
Here: Revised version of January 26, 2022.
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Mörkrets Makter Mini Mysteries (Bulletin version)
The same article, but extracted from the published Bulletin (Calibri font instead of Times New Roman). Revision 1 of January 27, 2022.
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Rainbow Village/Moonlake

In the year 2021, I revived my old Moonlake Editions imprint, in combination with the Rainbow Village brand. My book with Swedish Dracula drawings (1899-1900) was the first publication to appear under that name., followed by two e-books: Trends and Topics in Mörkrets Makter, and Bram Stoker's Hidden World.

Trends and Topics in MöMa

This richly illustrated e-book (PDF) with c. 29,000 words is filled with observations about the Swedish Dracula versions, along with translated fragments from the original Dagen text, background information, relevant newspaper articles from the 19th century, and other images. It is the most complete analysis of style and content of the Dagen version that has been published until now.

This e-book is dedicated to my dear friend Magdalena Grabias from Lublin, Poland, who had her birthday at the release date.*

*December 24, 2021

Trends and Topics in Mörkrets Makter
Essay, 60 pages A4, illustrated, ca. 9.3 Mb.
Rainbow Village/Moonlake.
ISBN Nr. 978 3 943559 02 6.
Release date: December 24, 2021.
For the moment: free download.
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Bram Stoker's Hidden World

This e-book (PDF) counts c. 24,300 words and is illustrated as well. It deals with the world of hypnosis, thought-reading, telekinesis, automatic writing, ghost appearances, etc. and how the debate about such phenomena influenced the writing of Dracula.


With an extensive footnote apparatus and detailed bibliography with live links, to give you an easy access to the relevant books and articles about the discussed topics.


This e-book is dedicated to my dear friend Florin Nechita from Brașov, Romania.

Bram Stoker's Hidden World - A Sociogram of London’s Esoteric Circles
Essay, 54 pages A4, illustrated, ca. 9.8 Mb.
Rainbow Village/Moonlake.
ISBN number: 978 3 943559 03 3.
Release date: December 31, 2021.
For the moment: free download.
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Interview Strigoi Rede Vampyrica, spring '21

By request of Andreas Axikerzus Sahjaza from Brazil, I answered a series of written questions for Strigoi Rede Vampyrica Magazine (spring 2021 issue, but published in October 2021). The text is available both in English and in the Brazilian-Portuguese translation.

The original English text, as I submitted it.
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Front and back cover plus interview text in Brazilian-Portuguese.
Strigoi Rede Vampyrica Magazine Oct2021.
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Swedish Dracula version finally translated!

February 10, 2021:

FIVE YEARS after the existence of a (more sexy) SWEDISH DRACULA version was announced, a COMPLETE ENGLISH TRANSLATION from the Swedish (Dagen variant, 271,000 words) has become available, for the very affordable price of $ 9.99 (E-book). The book was produced and edited by William Trimble from Chicago, who also accomplished some amazing research, e.g. the identity of the illustrator, most probably the painter and draughtsman Emil Åberg (1864-1940). I am proud to have contributed an introductory essay and (edited) illustrations to this book, which will finally make the Swedish text accessible to a broad international audience.

Interview Reykjavik Grapevine, May 9, 2022

By request of Valur Grettisson, editor-in-chief of the Icelandic cultural magazine Reykjavik Grapevine, I answered a series of other questions, mainly about the Nordic versions of Dracula. It was published here on May 9, 2022. For my archive, I created a copy as a PDF file.

Interview Reykjavik Grapevine, May 9,2022
The Interview was published in English, including the illustrations shown here.
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